Learn Early, Learn Often, Learn Cheap

I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work … Edison Picture1

Many in the startup community embrace the oft quoted “‘fail early and fail often” but I really struggle with embracing failure as a badge of honour. For me, it’s not about failure but about all about learning; rethinking, regrouping, re-factoring and having another go at it.

To find the right product, service, business model before you run out of time, resources or personal energy you need should be learn early, learn often, learn cheap. “Get out of the office” as soon as you can. “Build, measure and learn” over and over. And be cheap on personal energy as you only have some much spread around, time as it only goes in one direction and money as while you might get more, you might not either.

It’s not about failure. It’s about learning. Learn early, learn often, Learn cheap.