Seth Godin wrote in his book Linchpin about a village in China named Dafen. Apparently a third, maybe more, of all the oil paintings produced in the world are painted in this village. They follow step-by-step procedures; pushing out massive quantities of reproductions and derivatives of original art. They are most certainly skilled, proficient painters. But no one would claim that they are artists. In the words of Seth, they follow a map.

People who follow maps are going to get paid less and less and work harder and harder, because the world is full people who can follow a map. And as our increasing globalized world gets smaller and smaller, access by employers and customers to people who can follow a maps get easier and easier, cheaper and cheaper.

At the same time we are at beginning of the next great revolution driven by digital technology effecting massive change every area of human endevour. The manner and ease of how people conduct their daily affairs locally, regionally and globally is changing rapidly and permanently. This recession aside, the world has reached a level and distribution of wealth never seen before. It is those that can navigate the world without a map, those that are creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial, that will flourish in the decades to come.


Get going !

Get going! Two simple words that my father would exalt to my brother and I in our youth. A two-word mantra that was universal in its application; from rousing us from teenage slumber to pushing through our internal inertia as adults and sparking us to action.

Steve Jobs’ famous quote “real artists ship” years later completed that internalized mantra and connected the call to action with meaning.  It was the epiphany that revealed that my instinctive yearning to make things that resonate with my fellow travellers could only be fulfilled by the actions of starting and completing.

So this is my start. And here is to many future completions. Cheers!